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On-Demand Automation

Panels are heart of any industry and efficient power management is a requisite.

VFD Panels

VFD’s are designed to control the speed and torque of electric motors by varying input frequency and voltage to motors. VFD’s are used as energy saving devices as they adjust motor speed under no load conditions or as required by the process. Such energy cost savings are especially pronounced in variable torque centrifugal fan and pump applications where there is large power reduction for a relatively small reduction in speed.
We design and manufacture a diverse range of VFD panels for varied applications (closed-loop and open-loop applications). 
We provide drive synchronization panels also which are both manually and auto synchronized.

PLCs Panels

PLCs are the smart programmable microcontroller used for automation of electromechanical processes. Reduced size, ease in modification of logic hence reduced complex wiring, provision of remote and wireless communication and ease of data transfer have given PLC panels an advantage over conventional relay based systems.


  • At Perfect Products (India), we provide PLC panels for various purposes as desired by the customers. We provide PLC panels mainly for following purposes:
    1. VFD synchronization
    2. DG synchronization
    3. AMF
    4. Process automation of electromechanical processes in industries
    5. Automation of complex critical processes
  • Communication modules: MODBUS, ProfiBUS, ProfiNET, Ethernet etc according to the requirement.
  • We assure solid and flawless programming and timely technical assistance to our customers.
  • Input and output connections of premium quality
  • Operator friendly HMI programming